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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO strategies that ensure users can find your website

Increase your businesses reach
Build your credibility and your brand
Complement your other forms of marketing
Improve your branding and marketing positioning
Show you are an expert in your field

What is SEO?

For many people SEO is a bit of a dark art….which isn`t true…. you don`t need to go to Hogwarts to understand the basics.

In a nutshell it`s all about optimising your website to appear ‘naturally’ on the search engine results for your type of business. On-Page SEO is the SEO on your actual website. It is the most popular way that search engines rank websites. They do this by looking for the frequency of keywords and phrases on your site.

More weight is given to keywords and phrases that are used in prominent places such as headings, page titles, domain names and images. We can make sure that you use the words and phrases that are most important to your business in the correct places around your website.

It`s not stuffing your pages with keywordsthough ……. keyword stuffing is an absolute no-no with the key point being to always think as a user. What would my users want to see or read.

 Know what your users are searching for and create your content around it.

You need to have content that people want to read and that will be helpful to them.

You need to show your content to the world and the more people that read it, the more Google will want to shout about.

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