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Outdoor Display Items

Our range of display items leaves nothing to chance – we have the perfect product for every occasion.

Free delivery available on all display products


A-frame signs are a fantastic tool you can use to bring new customers into your business. Printed on weatherproof PVC, your artwork is duplicated to catch attention from both directions. Your sign will also arrive pre-fitted with your 2 posters but you can buy replacement posters whenever you like.

A2 – 574 x 400mm – £239.97
A1 – 820 x 574mm – £257.46

A2 – 574 x 400mm – £20,38
A1 – 820 x 574mm – £25.74

A board will come with 2 posters 220 micron waterproof finish.

Please note there is a 10mm bleed around all edges of the poster, to allow for the frame. Therefore the viewable size of each poster will be: A2 – 574 x 400mm     A1 – 820 x 574mm

Artwork charge for this item is 1 hr.

Feather and teardrop flags

Our feather flags and teardrop flags make great display for any type of business. They’re quick and easy to put up too, with a simple fibre pole. Comes complete with a container base that you can fill with water or sand for weight..

Small Feather Flag (1860 x 690mm) – £205.11

Medium Feather Flag (2620 x 605mm) – £216.02

Large Feather Flag (2860 x 690mm) – £234.75

Small Teardrop flags (1860 x 690mm) – £205.11

Medium Teardrop flags (2620 x 605mm) – £216.02

Large Teardrop flags (2860 x 690mm) – £234.75

For double sided printing please add £60

Material: 115gsm Flagknit Aeromesh     Base: 20ltr Tyre Base

Artwork charge for this item is 1 hr.

PVC Banners

From big to very big, we have waterproof 440gsm PVC banners to meet every need. You should have no trouble fixing these banners wherever you need with eyelets located every 50cm around the edges. Don’t forget to leave a 36mm safety zone on banners.

1 x 1 (Metre) PVC banner – £79.69

1 x 2 (Metre) PVC banner – £91.94

1 x 3 (Metre) PVC banner – £140.36

1 x 4 (Metre) PVC banner – £150.38

Extra large 2m x 6m PVC banner – £239.33

440gsm Banner PVC  –  Hemmed and Eyelets come as standard

Artwork charge for this item is 1 hr.